Where’s The Binky?

I hardly ever find a binky immediately when I go to look for one. We have bought tons of them in the past 3 years between both girls. Not to mention all of the ones I have taken from my diaper cake order supply. My husband, Shane, and I always joke that Kendal has a hidden stockpile of pacifiers somewhere in this house. In the past, whenever we would take one away from her; she would leave the room and come back with another one in her mouth. Now she doesn’t need to do that; she just takes the one that is in Audrey’s mouth (no; we do not let her keep it). The problem now is that Kendal doesn’t seem to have a hidden stockpile anymore. So, whenever I want Audrey to have one; none of us can seem to find them. Most parents assume that they will find them whenever they pack up and move out of their house. Most parents that I have talked to (who have assumed that) did not ever find them. So where they go when they disappear???

We could ask the same question about socks that seem to disappear after they go into the dryer.