Juice Plus+


Juice Plus+: Have you ever heard of Juice Plus? I just became a distributer for this great product! Juice Plus+ helps people get their FULL daily servings of fruits & vegetables in capsule or chewable form (to be used in addition to also eating fruit & veggies). It is considered FOOD, not medicine or vitamin. It has no added sugar. It is really good for the immune system, DNA, pregnancy, cardiac, etc. My sister Jenn sells it and is using it instead of prenatal vitamins. Shane, the girls, and I have been taking it for 3 months now. It has definitely helped me with my Irritable Bowl Syndrome. There are many testimonials of different things it has helped with in different people. More importantly though is the value of making sure you are getting the nutrients you need! There is a GREAT video on my Juice Plus+ home page that explains how Juice Plus+ is made and how it works!

The website has a lot of information, videos, research studies, etc. on it. Most people who have never heard of it think that it is just another “health” product that people try to make money off of. The difference with Juice Plus+ is that there are major universities & companies who have done research on Juice Plus+ specifically and back up the product based on their studies. You can read the research on the website here.

Also, in case you are interested, they have a children’s health study for kids 4 & older. A child can get their supply (gummies) of Juice Plus for free with a purchase of an adult supply (capsules or gummies).