The Ultimate DVD Read and Share Bible (Volume 2)

This Bible book for children comes with 2 DVDs that go along with the stories. There are over 100 Bible stories in this book. Each story is on a 2 page spread with pictures and a couple paragraphs (in large print) of writing. The stories on the DVDs can be watched in clips or straight through. Although nothing unBiblical about the stories, I was disappointed in how most of them didn’t use the whole story. They did use the main points so the stories would be good for a very young child with a short attention span. I also did not like that the DVD didn’t follow the book word for word. Do you remember those read along tapes and books that you turn the page at the sound of the tone? I used to LOVE those when I was my daughter’s age and learning to read. I was hoping that this set would be similar but it was not.

I have 4 & 2 year old girls who did not seem to care for these DVDs & book compared to other children’s Bibles and Bible stories on DVD that we own. To be honest, I am not a huge fan of the illustrations (not that I could do any better because I can’t) but a young child (1-2 years) would probably like them. I teach 2-3 year old Sunday School class at my church and I plan to use the DVDs as they coordinate with our lessons. I did read in another review that there was a scripture reference error on one of the DVDs which I did not catch myself. I will have to investigate that further before using them in my class.

I am a HUGE fan of sharing Bible stories to young children because they are so open to them. Ultimately, whether you do it through this book or another, teach your children the values of God’s Word from the moment they are born!

In accordance with the Federal Trade Commission I am required to disclose that Thomas Nelson provided this book for free in exchange for my review. I was not required to write a positive review and the opinions I have expressed are my own.


By: Gwen Ellis  &  Illustrated By: Steve Smallman



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Prayer Requests (10)

The Bible says: “Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” Matthew 18:19-20

If God moves when 2 or 3 agree in prayer, I can only imagine what he can do when 500 or more agree! There are between 500-1,000+ people who visit my blog each month. A lot of them are regular visitors (daily or weekly).

I plan to post prayer requests and updates weekly on Sundays or Mondays. This blog is public; I will not include personal information such as birthdays, last names, etc. If you have a prayer request, update, and/or praise report that you would like added to the weekly post, please e-mail me by Saturdays via facebook or at:

If you would like to include a picture of the person we are praying for, please include it in your e-mail. I will put a “Heart Treasures” stamp on the picture before posting it.

Feel free to forward a link to this page to people who will join us in prayer.



Cher: Was recently diagnosed with Myastenia Gravis (a chronic autoimmune neuromuscular disease characterized by varying degrees of weakness of the skeletal (voluntary) muscles of the body). Please pray for the doctor’s wisdom in creating a treatment plan. Also, pray that the housing they need would become available when they go for treatment. They have their name on a list for Nazarene Well House. On their already strained budget it would be a Godsend. Pray God will work out all the details!



Carol: had her initial appointment with a cardiologist. This week, she will have a stress test.

Previous Request: Had chest pain a week & a half ago and was told that it may have been a heart attack. Right now she is waiting for an insurance referral to see a specialist. Please pray for her complete healing and wisdom for the doctors who will need to determine a course of treatment for her.

Heather: Has made it to Hawaii for an appointment that will determine if she will have to deliver in Hawaii or if she can deliver in Japan. The baby is due in less then 9 weeks.

Previous Requests: She is now taking a pill in the morning, and a insulin shot before dinner and a insulin shot before bed. For the most part, sugars are regulated but are just a little too high so they are trying to figure out how much insulin is needed. They start the paper work for Hawaii at her next appointment. Baby girl is getting bigger daily and more active! Also, the Fetal Eco determined that the baby has Pulmonary stenosis (narrowing in the artery in the heart). Since she is living in Japan right now, she will have to fly to Hawaii when she is 30 weeks along to recheck the baby. At that time the doctors will decide if she will stay in Hawaii to deliver the baby or if she can return home to deliver. Please pray for both Heather and the baby as well as the rest of her family who will be affected by her traveling. Also, pray for the doctor’s wisdom in caring for them.


Sam: Had a lumbar puncture to check for white blood cells, to help determine if they need to look further into the vasculitis. She also had a bone marrow aspiration to check for leukemia since she is still extremely anemic & running fevers. They should have results sometime in the next week.

Previous Requests: Has a new possible diagnosis is Primary CNS Vasculitis, or basically swelling of the blood vessels in her brain. Diagnosis procedures include CT San/MRI (doesn’t always show up), angiogram (catheter goes up starting in leg) or brain biopsy. Treatment consists of immuno-suppressants (form of chemotherapy). Sam’s MRI/MRA came back negative, so now they need to decide their next step… they may try a more natural diet and supplement type lifestyle. This 2 year old’s final diagnosis after being in the hospital for several days was meningoencephalitis (infection that affects the nervous system causing inflammation of the brain & meninges). She regressed about 6 months and has to relearn how to stand and walk. Please pray for the doctor’s wisdom and for Sam’s complete healing!

Greyson: This 4 year old boy was diagnosed with epilepsy this past spring and was sent to AI Dupont to determine the exact type of epilepsy he had. During a scheduled MRI, an Oncologist found a “mass” in the back left portion of his brain and that it would require surgery. A few days later, his parents met with the neurosurgeon and received better news. He was fairly confident that the tumor was benign, and therefore surgery could be put off for a while. The tumor will be monitored for any sign of change or growth. The tumor is in a place that it can be removed, however, to remove the entire tumor, he most likely will lose coordination and fine motor skills on his left side. This can be regained through physical therapy. For this reason, Greyson’s parents hope that they can wait until he is a bit older before having to do surgery. They returned to AI Dupont last Friday for another MRI scan so that the surgeons can re-evaluate the brain tumor. They saw no significant change in the tumor so the current plan is to wait and re-evaluate in 6 months. Please pray for Greyson’s healing and the doctors wisdom as they monitor and treat his condition.

Jenn: is pregnant with her second baby. She has jaw pain which is probably indicating that she will need her wisdom teeth pulled. The dentist determined that because of how the teeth are positioned, he will have to put her under to do the extractions. Unfortunately, because she is pregnant, they cannot do the surgery until her baby is born. This means waiting until June or later with the pain. Please pray for her healing and comfort.


Shane: My husband has a few career decisions to make in the next few months. He also has Plantar Fasciitis (irritation and swelling of the thick tissue on the bottom of the foot) which could effect which direction he chooses. The choice he makes will effect where we live, how much we get paid, and how often he will be deployed. Please pray for wisdom and direction for our family.


Alysa (ME): I have 2 home businesses, Heart Treasures Boutique & Juice Plus+, in order to bring in extra money for our family but I have not made many contacts for either one. It’s expensive to move back to the states! Please pray that God will bring the right people in my path so that we can earn the extra money that we need.


Our Reward Chart!

Over the past six months I have tried different reward systems to see what works for our family. Most of them did not work. I think that I was over-doing it. Finally, I came up with a new one based on a few things that I either heard or read about. We have using this system for almost 2 months and the girls seem to understand this concept better than the previous systems.


How It Works:

Rule Chart with Reward Cards

  • There are 3 rules: 1. Love each other 2. Obey immediately & 3. Tell the truth. Most everything fits into these categories. Not sharing, fighting, not being respectful etc. under rule 1. Whining, temper tantrums, complaining, ect. under rule 2.
  • The reward cards are pictures of ice cream, pizza, cookies, book, & surprise. When they earn their reward they would get to choose which reward they want and it would be your responsibility to provide their choice as soon as possible. I bought several small new toys to use as the surprise gifts for my girls.

The Star Chart

  • Every day each child starts with 5 stars. If they disobey the rules they get 1 star taken away. (You have to be careful to make sure you give warnings and not take them away too quickly. You also have to determine when an offense requires an additional or alternate discipline instead of just a star removal.)
  • Before taking away a star, go over the rules and have your child repeat the rule that they broke. This will help them start to understand why they are being disciplined.

The Sticker Chart

  • At the end of the day if the child still has any of their stars left then they get a character sticker (1 per day) on the sticker chart. If they do not have any stars then they do not get a character sticker.
  • After they earn a pre-determined amount of character stickers they get to choose a reward card.
  • The pre-determined amount of character stickers may be different for each child depending on their age. There are 12 spaces available but I recommend starting small. The amount can change as they get used to the chart and as they get older.
  • For a younger child, 1 1/2 to 2 years, a character sticker each day may be all the reward they need until they are a bit older. My 2 year old needs the rewards because she sees her 4 year old sister getting them. You can adapt the system based on your child’s needs and understanding of the charts.


Those of you who have followed my blog for any period of time, know that I have been working on my anger issues. This reward system has helped me with controlling my anger. How? When my girls do something wrong, having these charts gives me an alternative option to yelling. If an offense requires that a star is to be removed, I have to walk them to where the charts are hanging. That gives me a few seconds to take deep breaths and calm myself down before going over the rules and taking their star away. Obviously, I have to choose NOT to yell and I often make the wrong choice. But the more that we use the system, the more I am recognizing that I can control my anger if I choose to.


Do you want to try my reward system?

I sell them over at Heart Treasures Boutique!

You can customize the charts with your child’s name. You can choose from 5 different chart colors and from 8 different characters: Toy Story, Cars, Princess, Princess & the Frog, Tinker Bell, Star Wars, Mickey & Friends, and Sesame Street! All charts & stickers are laminated. Everything sticks together using velcro. Mounting supplies for charts are not included. The size of each chart is 8 1/2 x 11.


Train up a child in the way he should go:

and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22.6 (KJV)

I’m Excited!

My family and I have been enjoying Juice Plus+ for 4 months now! My family’s second shipment (another 4 month supply) will be arriving in the mail this weekend so we can continue our journey! On top of that I am a new distributor for this great whole food nutrition! My husband’s cholesterol has lowered significantly, my IBS has been manageable without prescription medication for the past two months, and I KNOW that my kids are getting their FULL daily servings of fruits and vegetables.

If you haven’t heard about Juice Plus+, the first thing I want you to know is that it’s not a juice you drink. It’s whole food nutrition put into capsules. They contain 17 fruits, vegetables, and grains (gluten-free). They also have a line of chewables available in adult or child supplies.

Many doctors fully endorse and recommend Juice Plus+ to their patients because it is a whole food product as opposed to a nutritional supplement (it has a nutrition label NOT a supplement label. We know that it takes the synergy of thousands of phyto-nutrients to maintain a healthy body, not just the few fractionated nutrients found in most supplements. It’s not the quantity that’s important, but the quality, that counts–excessive “supplements” can be toxic. You can’t overdose on Juice Plus+ because whole food provides balance and harmony. Juice Plus+ is the next best thing to eating fresh, raw fruits and vegetables! Most people who have never heard of it think that it is just another “health” product that people try to make money off of. The difference with Juice Plus+ is that there are major universities & companies who have done scientific research on Juice Plus+ specifically and back up the product based on their studies. You can read the research on the website here.

As we have all witnessed in the media over the last couple of years, health issues have become a central focus. Childhood obesity, diabetes, and the negative effects of drugs are just a few. Poor eating habits and inactivity are on the way to becoming the Number 1 cause of preventable disease. The best way to safeguard your health is to adopt preventative measures, i.e. maintain a healthy lifestyle which boosts your immune system and keeps you mentally and physically strong.  Juice Plus+ has a children’s health study for kids 4 & older. A child can get their supply of Juice Plus+ Chewables for free (for up to three years) with a purchase of an adult supply of Juice Plus+!

Juice Plus+ should not take the place of a healthy diet. Instead, it should help you and your family bridge the gap between what you are eating and what you should be eating. There is a GREAT video (15 min) on my Juice Plus+ home page that explains how Juice Plus+ is made and how it works!

Feel free to ask me any questions! My contact information is on my Juice Plus+ homepage:


Disclaimer: Juice Plus+ is not a medicine, treatment, or cure for any disease or condition. It is whole food based nutrition that complements a healthy diet and provides the healthful benefits of adding nutrition from 17 fruits, vegetables, and grains to your diet.