Month: August 2013

Other Host Families Online!

I never thought to try to find other exchange student host families blogging about their experiences but they found me! Being able to read about other host families will be an awesome way to compare experiences, get advice, trouble shoot any issues, and best of all get some great ideas […]

Pre-Arrival Package

I want our Japanese exchange student, Noriko, to feel as welcome as possible when she comes to the USA. I am in the process of organizing her room so she is comfortable in our home. I am also putting together a Welcome Basket with items that hopefully will make her feel special. […]

Independent Uniter?

Some people grew up being inspired by sports, music, and/or movie stars. While I had my favorites in each of those categories, I could care less if I ever got to meet them. The person outside of my everyday reality that I looked up to was Dr. Ben Carson. At some […]