The Pirate and the Firefly: A Boy, a Bug, and a Lesson in Wisdom

This book by: Tara McClary Reeves & Amanda Jenkins with Illustrations by: Daniel Fernandez is the second in a series. The back cover asks the question, “What should a pirate do when following his mates means not following God?” Throughout the book, Pirate Oliver follows along with whatever Cap’n Cole dictates (stealing & bullying). He realizes that what he and his friends are doing is wrong and continually asks questions, such as, “Mom, can kids get sent to the brig?” His mom reminds him that she loves him and God loves him –all the time. After a couple of days of being a bad pirate, Oliver talks to his firefly friend, Phineas, who gives wise counsel. Phineas reminds Oliver of scripture verses and encourages him to do the right thing by following God. Oliver imagines himself leading his buccaneer friends to do good and right the wrongs they committed.

The full page illustrations in this book are detailed and brightly colored! There is several passages of scripture (NLT) woven into the story towards the end of the book. There is a “Parent Connection” on the inside of the back cover. It includes further discussion scripture, questions, and activities for parents and children to work on together. This is an excellent story with a great moral lesson. I would highly recommend this for younger kids who are influenced by their peers. I will be reading this with my daughters to help encourage them to choose their friends wisely.

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The Pirate and the Firefly: A Boy, a Bug, and a Lesson in Wisdom
By Tara McClary Reeves & Amanda Jenkins / B&H Kids


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