Spiritual Parenting in the First Five Years

This book by Callie Grant is subtitled: God’s Plan for Early Childhood Christian Discipleship. The premise of this book is that the first five years of a child’s life is fundamental to their development. This is the time that parents should start meeting the spiritual needs of their children just as they would meet their physical and emotional needs. The following is a summary of the book’s content:

Chapter 1: First Impressions:

Your child was born to believe. You were made to teach.

Chapter 2: Little Think Tanks:

Your child has great capacity for faith. You will help shape it.

Chapter 3: Unique Journeys:

Your child has a one-of-a-kind path. You are a shepherd.

Chapter 4: Personal Ties:

Your child has a special relationship with God. You can honor it.

Chapter 5: Golden Moments:

Your child will ask you about God.

Each chapter is only a few pages long (the book is only 37 pages total). However, I found this book to have very valuable information. There are personal stories from the author, quotes from well known writers such as C.S. Lewis, and encouraging advice. I feel that this would be a perfect inspirational gift for a new parent.

This book is available for Kindle on Amazon. You can also sign up at GrahamBlanchard to receive an e-copy for free (as of the time of publishing this blog post).

The publishing company, GrahamBlanchard.com, has parent and teacher resources to help inspire young children to praise and have a relationship with God. There are also several other books available and a mom blog.

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February Cards Of Encouragement

Happy Valentine’s Month!

I would like to send YOU a card of encouragement in the mail!

I did receive some responses to my survey last month and I mailed out cards as promised!

Everyone loves to receive good old fashioned mail every once in awhile. With our age of internet and texting, personal mail is rare. So, every month I am going to send out cards of encouragement to whoever sends me their mailing address. I know that this means you have to trust me with your mailing address. For those who know me personally or who have been following my blog for awhile that will not be a problem. Please know that no one other than myself will have access to your personal information. Also, this is just an experiment. I will see how it goes for the next few months and then decide if I will continue doing this or not.

If you are interested in receiving a card from me, please click the link below and take a few minutes to fill out the information survey. This will record your mailing address so that I can mail you a card. Other questions are asked to help me customize the card to you and so that I know how you came to follow my blog. Feel free to share prayer requests, goals, areas that you need encouragement, etc. I will post this link every month so that if something changes, you can edit your information.


Thank you all for following my blog. I sincerely hope that my posts are inspirational and encouraging to all of you who read them!


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Mama Needs A Do-Over – Free Book Giveaway!


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This book by Lisa Pennington is subtitled: “Simple Steps To Turning A Hard Day Around.” The back cover captures the intended audience perfectly:

“Dirty dishes overflow the sink. Your two youngest kids just began their third round of hand-to-hand combat today. And now the washing machine won’t start. Visions of putting a home-cooked meal in the oven while the family plays happily in the living room evaporate amid scramming, complaining, and slammed doors–and that’s not even counting what the children are doing!”

The author gives personal stories, practical advice, all mixed with a dose of humor! At the end of each chapter, there are “simple assignments” which may consist of questions, instructions, scripture to look up and read, charting, journaling, etc.

To be honest, I am not a huge self-help book fan. I accepted the opportunity to read and review this book because the title was intriguing and it turns out that this book is a good read! There was not a whole lot of new advice that I felt I should follow, however, there were plenty of reminders of tools that I already knew but haven’t practiced in awhile. For a mom who has not had the opportunity to be mentored by experienced women, this would be a great book to glean practical advice and tools! The author’s humor and positive attitude made this book an easy read (even though I can’t relate to the desire of tearing apart a kitchen and remodeling it on my own)! I also loved how she sprinkled scripture throughout her chapters which was very encouraging! I can definitely see how this book would be especially helpful to a busy mom of young children (and/or many children) but it could be helpful to all moms in various stages of parenting!

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Mama Needs a Do-Over: Simple Steps to Turning a Hard Day Around

By Lisa Pennington / David C. Cook