My Thoughts On The Colorado Tragedy

***UPDATE: I have added a link (below) to another article that tells of one survior’s story! God is so Good even in the midst of tragedy.*** I don’t have cable or satellite. And for once in my life I did not log on to my computer to check Facebook for a full […]

Minot, North Dakota Needs Help

I am not from Minot. In fact, I was not too happy when the military stationed us here as you may remember from my post: “You Are God Alone”  The climate change from Okinawa, Japan to Minot, North Dakota was a major shock. I still can’t believe that we got our First […]

Praise You!

I’ve been listening to Out Of Eden songs today! One of my favorite groups when I was in high school. This song is amazing and expresses my heart’s prayer: Praise You By: Out Of Eden Lord I really don’t know how to write a song, I’m not always eloquent sometimes […]