Praying Scripture Index

[Update: If you have been following my blog, you know that I have not been posting in my praying scripture series for quite a while now. The links below are still relevant and still could be a starting point for any reader looking to pray through scripture. I hope to continue working on and eventually finish this blogging series in the future. I will add to it when I can.]

I have taken on the challenge of praying through scripture.

I encourage you to do the same; either by using my prayers or creating your own.

I am reading scripture by chapter then as I feel lead; I am writing a prayer to go along with that scripture. If you have followed my blog; you may already know that I have done something similar when I posted the Biblical Virtue Prayers page (which now has 58 virtue prayers listed!). With the challenge newly refreshed in my mind; I plan to continue to do this starting with books in the New Testament (not in order & not within any particular time frame). As I do this; I will share with you my prayers, key verses, and a link to the full passage (in a devotional format). My hope is that you will be inspired and encouraged as you follow me on this journey.

***My prayers are based on the whole chapter not just the key verses. I chose the key verses based on what I felt best summarized the chapter or what really spoke to my heart.






Romans: Chapter 8

1 Corinthians:

2 Corinthians:

Galatians: Chapter 5

Ephesians: Chapter 6

Philippians: Chapter 4


1 Thessalonians:

2 Thessalonians:

1 Timothy:

2 Timothy:


Philemon: Only Chapter

Hebrews: Chapter 11

James: Chapter 1

1 Peter: Chapter 1 ~Chapter 2 ~ Chapter 5

2 Peter:

1 John: Chapter 2 ~ Chapter 3

2 John: Only Chapter

3 John: Only Chapter

Jude: Only Chapter


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