For some reason, I attract people who have questions. Some odd questions, opinion questions, serious questions… about religion, books, movies, politics, parenting, marriage, and so many other topics. I enjoy answering questions. I enjoy researching various topics when I do not know the answers. Recently, a good friend suggested that I should write a book about all the advice that I give! While writing a published book is definitely a life goal and dream of mine, I know that it is not going to happen right now because I have so many other priorities at the moment. Still, I had a brilliant idea of answering questions on my blog!

I have no idea how my readers will respond to this idea… so I figure that as long as people send me questions, I will continue to answer them! Click “Submit Your Question” below to submit your question. If you have more than one question, please submit separate surveys for each question (feel free to submit as many as you would like)!

Disclaimer: If you send a question, there is no guarantee that I will answer it on my blog. I will choose questions that I know that I can answer well and I will post questions that I feel will be the most relevant to my readers. I may invite a guest writer to answer questions on occasion. Some questions may require research which may delay posting an answer. If I answer your question, I will only post your first name and first initial of last name. I will also send you an email with the blog link.