Mmmm Strawberries…10 Steps To Dessert!

I very rarely buy strawberries here in Okinawa. Unfortunately, they are just too expensive. For the price I generally pay here; I would guess that I could get two to three times as many strawberries in the states. Yesterday, I noticed that they were a lot cheaper than they normally are. So, I bought a pound of them!

I like to eat sugared strawberries over angel food cake but this time I tried something a little different. Here are step by step directions for preparing a easy and yummy dessert!

1. Rinse and core 1 pound of strawberries.

2. Slice the strawberries.

3. Gently mix 1/4 cup of sugar with the strawberries.

4. Cover and refrigerate for 2 or more hours.

5. Gather Strawberries, Snickerdoodles*, Vanilla Ice Cream, & Whipped Cream.

6. Scoop ice cream partially between two cookies.

7. Spoon strawberries on top of cookies and ice cream.

8. Top with whipped cream.

9. Place one slice of strawberry on top of the whipped cream.

10. Enjoy every bite!


*I used store bought cookies. Next time I think I am going to try Sugar Cookies in place of the Snickerdoodles.

**In case you were wondering; my kitchen is made up of mostly Pampered Chef items. Here is a list of the items you see in my pictures:

  • Colander & Bowl Set
  • Core & More
  • Egg Slicer Plus
  • Ice Cream Dipper
  • Mix ‘N Scraper
  • 1-cup Prep Bowl
  • Small Square Plates

My Little Cookie Thief

First a Money Thief; now an Oatmeal-Raisin-Chocolate Chip Cookie Thief!

Am I a bad mom to think this is hilarious?

Of course; sharing with Daddy makes it all better…

until she makes him feed her the cookie she shared!

Going back for seconds!

(Technically fourths since she grabbed 3 cookies the first time.)

And finally the admission of guilt!

This last one of Audrey is my favorite pic of the moment!

It reminds me of the lovable Puss In Boots:

Image found here.