Step By Step

This book by Candace Calvert is the second book in the Crisis Team series. Taylor Cabot is an ER nurse and apart of a crisis team. Three years after her husband’s death, she is on her way to completing her “survival list.” In the process of moving on… she is (sort of) dating a handsome plastic surgeon, decides to leave the crisis team, and comes to grips with the fact that her beloved dog is living his last days. Seth Donovan, a crisis team chaplain and Taylor’s friend, comes to town and finds himself falling in love with Taylor. When crisis hits close to home, Taylor has to face unknown truths, confront fears, and let herself grieve in a way she had not done before.

I have not previously read any of this author’s books. I was drawn to the book because of the medical drama theme. I love medical dramas on television and I used to work as a nurse. To be honest though, I had a hard time engaging with this book. I prefer books that hold my attention so much that I do not want to put them down. I also felt that there were far too many character story lines to keep track of. I assume that some of them were in the previous book, so it may have helped to read that one first. However, this was okay as a stand alone book being that it was mostly from Taylor’s perspective. Towards the end, I was able to start engaging more. I like how the author addressed the grieving process. I felt like I was going through it with Taylor. Also, the crisis that occurs at the end of the book was unexpected and left the reader hanging to find out more (which I hope will be revealed in the next book of the series). I do plan to read the previous book and the following book in the future.

In accordance with the Federal Trade Commission I am required to disclose that Tyndale House provided this book for free in exchange for my review. I was not required to write a positive review and the opinions I have expressed are my own.



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Step by Step
By Candace Calvert / Tyndale House



Independent Uniter?

Some people grew up being inspired by sports, music, and/or movie stars. While I had my favorites in each of those categories, I could care less if I ever got to meet them. The person outside of my everyday reality that I looked up to was Dr. Ben Carson.

giftedhandsbookAt some point when I was in middle school, my mom gave me a copy of his book:

Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story
By Ben Carson, M.D., with Cecil Murphey / Zondervan

When I read it, I soaked up the stories in awe of a man with an amazing life story. After that I decided that I wanted to be a doctor. More specifically, a Neurosurgeon. My goals changed over the years from Neurosurgeon to Cardiologist to General Surgeon. Finally at some point in high school I set my course to be a Nurse. All the while, remembering Dr. Carson’s testimony of being able to do whatever it is I set my mind to do with my education.

I have always admired him because of his love for God. Throughout his book he shares many situations where he relied on God to get him through the day, or the night, or the week, etc. He is most most well-known as a pioneer in his field for separating twins joined at the back of the head. He gives God all the credit for success of that long procedure.

His story has become an inspiration to even more people since a “Gifted Hands” movie was made staring Cuba Gooding Jr. in 2009.

Recently, Dr. Carson caused a stir with the speech that he gave at the National Prayer Breakfast.

He also works to bring all people together on common ground instead of focusing on racial differences. 999150_10153067404745494_723939026_n

Due to the announcement of Dr. Carson’s retirement, people are now wondering if he will be pursuing a political career. Although many of his statements resonate with the conservative community, he associates himself the Independent Party. Personally, I would vote for him if he decides to go this direction.


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I am overwhelmed by the number of babies that die daily. I pray that people will start to see the truth about what abortion is and what it does not only to the babies but to the women who have them. The women need healing, grace, and forgiveness. The rest of us need to open our eyes.

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