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First and foremost I am a Christian. I love my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. I aim to live my life in line with God's Word the Holy Bible. I strive to be more Christlike everyday. He is my Strength, my Protector and my Provider.

My three children are my world. I can't describe the joy that pours from my soul because of them.


Once again, months have gone by and you have not heard a word from me… And again, I apologize to those of you who actually follow me and hope that I would post more frequently. Of course, life events have come up making my writing time pretty much non-existent. So […]

About Boycotting…

I have spent a week praying about the topic that I am going to blog about today. In the past week, I have also asked several Christian friends their opinions on the subject. I found that most people agreed with me but there were a few who did not. Unfortunately, I was […]

My Summer Has Not Gone As Planned…

On May 25th, I posted an update to inform my readers of updates and plans for life & blog… Less than 3 days later, Sunday night before Memorial Day, my summer plans went out the window with a blood-curling scream from my daughter’s bedroom. I ran to see what happened and […]

My Thoughts On The Colorado Tragedy

***UPDATE: I have added a link (below) to another article that tells of one survior’s story! God is so Good even in the midst of tragedy.*** I don’t have cable or satellite. And for once in my life I did not log on to my computer to check Facebook for a full […]

The Lily Series- The Beauty Book

The Beauty Book by Nancy Rue is a non-fiction book that addresses questions and concerns that pre-teen girls often have. This book has been added to The Lily Series and speaks as if fictional Lily is talking to the reader. There are Q & A, quizzes, illustrations, scripture, journaling, and activities in every chapter.  The book discusses […]

Pray For Grey

For those of you who have followed Greysen’s story and have been praying for him in the past year: here is a detailed and encouraging article about him. Georgetown Boy With Brain Tumor Receives A Special Visit

Blog Changes & Updates

Just an FYI to those who follow me… You will be seeing some changes to the format of my blog in the upcoming weeks. I feel that since I blog on so many different things, I need to have a better way of organizing my posts (for my personal purposes). […]