Mommy Brain (Mother’s Day Series-2)

Mommy Brain: having a faulty memory; the tendency to completely forget important stuff; and/or having major “blond” moments. Can also be known as “Pregnancy Brain.” (This is my definition.)

I personally do not know any mom who has never suffered from this!

(If you have not; pleeeeaaaaase let me know what your secret is :))!

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Let me give you a few examples:

  • About two months ago: I put ingredients in my crock pot to make Tapioca Pudding. Two hours later; I realized that I didn’t plug in the crock pot!
  • Last month: after church, I turned on my car to let the air conditioner cool it down while I buckled the girls into their car seats. After I finished; I sat in the car for several minutes looking around and in my purse for my keys. I was about to go back inside the church to look for them; when I realized they were already in the ignition!
  • Last week: I ran into a friend at the store. I was telling her something and mid-sentence I completely lost my train of thought. I still do not remember what I was going to say. (This happens frequently in my conversations with people).
  • Last night: I woke up (around 2 am) and realized that I DID NOT take Kendal to school yesterday! I completely FORGOT to take her! It did not even cross my mind at all that she was supposed to be at school. This is especially bad for three reasons: 1) The fact that it was Wednesday came up in my conversations frequently throughout the day (Kendal goes to preschool program M, W, F). 2) I had school on the brain all day because I was researching and planning out Kendal’s homeschooling program for her next school year. 3) At some point in the morning Kendal asked me if she was going to school (I told her no).

My message to all of you moms (and pregnant moms):

The stresses of life will come and sometimes make you think that you have completely lost your mind. But in the end the “I love you Mama!” and the cuddle times totally make up for it!

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“Brains Are Like Teeth”

Today I am going to share an article written last year by my favorite father-in-law Tom Sawyer. I will make my comments at the end


“While solving the world’s problems over coffee the other day, my friend made the commented that sometimes his kid acts like he hasn’t got a brain in his head. I’ve heard this comment made by concerned parents more times than I can count and there is a good reason.

Brains are like teeth. You see, a baby, before their baby teeth grow out, eats baby food. No solid food, just fluids and jars of mush. As the child gets a little older and his or her baby teeth grow out, they begin to eat solid foods a little at first and finally pretty much the same foods an adult eats.

When Junior hits the age of 10 or so, all his baby teeth fall out. So for a period of time he or she has no teeth and must eat fluids and mush. Finally the adult teeth grow in and your young adult can enjoy all of the pleasures of most any adult artery clogging culinary feast.

Brains work in much the same way. When you first bring your new bundle of joy home from the hospital their new baby brain is just starting to learn and analyze information. Their communication skills are almost nonexistent. When they want something they cry, or they drool, burp and poop. Once in a while you get the coveted smile. They act like a baby but that’s about it. That’s all you should expect.

As the baby brain develops so do communication skills and a higher order of thought patterns emerge. You see hope for the world because your child must be a genius. Best of all, your young toddler is kind of fun to have around. Spending time together is something you look forward to every day.

Sometime between ages 12 to 14 the baby brain like baby teeth, falls out and for a period of time your teenager has no ability to learn from mistakes or analyze information. Their higher level communication skills are almost nonexistent. Their basic instinct is to eat, complain, drool, burp and poop. Once in a while you get the coveted smile. They act like a baby but that’s about it. That’s all you should expect.

It’s different in all cases, but in time the adult brain grows in and you have a fully functional full grown adult. Ready to change the world for the better.

So the next time you see your teen do something that make no sense and you find yourself thinking, “that kid acts like he doesn’t have a brain in his head.” He doesn’t, it fell out. But it’ll be ok; his adult brain will grow in sooner or later. Yours did.”

[To read more from Tom; check out his column at UBurlington]


The topic of children comes up regularly in my Women’s Bible Study at church. Often mother’s are worried about their children’s development, how to discipline, etc. We share experiences and learn from each other’s failures and successes with raising children. Lately, the following question has been asked: “What do I do if something bad happens to my children (injury, abuse, pregnancy, etc.)? We don’t like to think about these things but the reality is that something bad may happen.

Mother’s are protective of their children. We pray for them constantly and hope that we are raising them right. Sometimes we forget that God placed them in our lives and is ultimately in control. Unfortunately, we as mothers (or fathers) cannot protect them from everything. Sometimes bad things happen and sometimes our children will make mistakes. Our job is to teach them how to love God and His Word so that they will have the foundation they need in their lives. When trials come to them they will learn how to respond to them based on that foundation.

I don’t have teenagers…yet. I have several years before I hit that stage (Thank you Jesus!). I do know that when I was a teenager; I had a desperate need to figure things out on my own. I wanted to do things that I was not allowed to do just to see if my parents were right. Sometimes a situation would come up where I knew my parents were right about something. This saved me from making some mistakes because I had my foundation. When I did make mistakes; I quickly turned back to my Biblical foundation.

We can’t control what our children will do in the future. We can’t keep bad things from happening to them. But, we need to remember that God loves our children even more than we do.

Train a child in the way he should go,

and when he is old he will not turn from it. Proverbs 22:6

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;

in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6