Mommy Brain (Mother’s Day Series-2)

Mommy Brain: having a faulty memory; the tendency to completely forget important stuff; and/or having major “blond” moments. Can also be known as “Pregnancy Brain.” (This is my definition.)

I personally do not know any mom who has never suffered from this!

(If you have not; pleeeeaaaaase let me know what your secret is :))!

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Let me give you a few examples:

  • About two months ago: I put ingredients in my crock pot to make Tapioca Pudding. Two hours later; I realized that I didn’t plug in the crock pot!
  • Last month: after church, I turned on my car to let the air conditioner cool it down while I buckled the girls into their car seats. After I finished; I sat in the car for several minutes looking around and in my purse for my keys. I was about to go back inside the church to look for them; when I realized they were already in the ignition!
  • Last week: I ran into a friend at the store. I was telling her something and mid-sentence I completely lost my train of thought. I still do not remember what I was going to say. (This happens frequently in my conversations with people).
  • Last night: I woke up (around 2 am) and realized that I DID NOT take Kendal to school yesterday! I completely FORGOT to take her! It did not even cross my mind at all that she was supposed to be at school. This is especially bad for three reasons: 1) The fact that it was Wednesday came up in my conversations frequently throughout the day (Kendal goes to preschool program M, W, F). 2) I had school on the brain all day because I was researching and planning out Kendal’s homeschooling program for her next school year. 3) At some point in the morning Kendal asked me if she was going to school (I told her no).

My message to all of you moms (and pregnant moms):

The stresses of life will come and sometimes make you think that you have completely lost your mind. But in the end the “I love you Mama!” and the cuddle times totally make up for it!

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