Kid Bloopers!

Kendal, like most young kids, occasionally says something completely unexpected that makes me laugh. If it doesn’t make me laugh; it at least make me wonder “where did she get that idea?”

Here are some examples (these examples happened between the time she was age 2 and now age 3):

  • When we have to take the girls to the doctor (or do almost anything else medical); we go to the Naval Hospital on island. They have  a nice Koi fish pond that Kendal loves to look at every time. I generally ask her questions to get her thinking; like “How many fish are there?” One day I asked her, “What are the fish doing?” I expected her to answer with “swimming.” Instead, Kendal very seriously (and excitedly) said, “The fish are taking a bath!”
  • Several months ago; my husband Shane took Kendal into one of the airplanes that his shop was working on. He gave her a tour of the plane and she was super excited! Ever since that day; she calls every plane she sees “Daddy’s work.” Recently, we had to take something to Shane at work. Driving along the flight-line; we saw several planes. Kendal shouted, “Look Mama! Daddy’s Princess Airplanes!” She still occasionally calls them that.
  • Shane was away during the month of March of this year. In order to get Kendal excited about going to church or school; I generally start naming some of her friends that she is going to see once we get there. One Sunday, I named Shane’s friend Chris. Shane and Chris often go bike riding, diving, etc. together. Kendal excitedly said, “I’m going to see Daddy’s Chris!” She has since called him that several times!
  • Kendal has three teachers in her preschool class. All of them are female. One day while getting ready for school; Kendal said, “Mrs. ** and Miss. ** are boys!” I quickly started explaining, “No, they are not boys; they are girls.” Along with explaining that we call girls “Mrs. & Miss” and boys “Mr.” I also tried to tell her that only girls can have babies (since one of the teachers is pregnant). For some reason she has it stuck in her head though.
  • Speaking of pregnancy…Kendal will sometimes point to her belly button and say, “I have a baby in my belly button!” This sends Daddy off the edge. He thinks that she is too young to say stuff like that. Of course, I think that she is just too young to understand and way too young for me to try and explain it to her!
  • The most recent example was this week. I had to take Kendal to the glasses shop to get new ear pieces put on her frames (because Audrey snapped one of them off). The lady put a pair of used black ear pieces on them. When she brought them out to see how they fit Kendal’s face; Kendal started crying hysterically. “I don’t want blaaaack! I don’t like blaaaack! I want pink and purple!” We ended up changing them to a pair of purple ear pieces because the black ones were to big. The owner of the shop said that Kendal was one of two kids under the age of 5 (who he had worked with) who seemed to have a sense of fashion.

When I hear Kendal or other kids say funny and/or unexpected things; I am reminded of their innocence. Kids see the world through completely different lenses than adults do. Jesus loved and accepted little children and so should we!

“[Jesus] called a little child and had him stand among them. And he said: “I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18:2-4

What completely unexpected things have your kids said?

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  1. When Shane was around 3, he was watching the garbage men going down the alley in their truck picking up our garbage. He ran into me crying and pointing back at them saying “Those men are stealing Daddy’s garbage!’

  2. My mom e-mailed the following to me after reading this blog:
    (she was talking about my brother :))
    “This was very funny. When Jared was three we went to the zoo. We stood watching the llamas. He asked what they were, so I told him that we were looking at the “brown llamas”. He kept saying, “Look, brown mamas!!!!” as loud as he could. He wouldn’t stop laughing and saying it, so we left for obvious reasons.”

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