Show Me The Money!

My husband, Shane, got up with the girls today so that I could get an extra 15 minutes of sleep. When I was dragging my feet out of bed I heard him shout:

“No! Don’t throw away Mama’s money!”


That had me moving a bit faster toward the coffee 🙂

As you can see it’s more than a dollar!

Here in Okinawa we are not allowed to have yard sales on base. So someone had an ingenious idea of setting up a yard sale website: Okinawa Yard Sales. The OYS community is made up mostly of military Americans trying to sell their extra stuff & looking for good deals. We post ads and the people who want the stuff can click a link which e-mails the seller. We then communicate about where & when to meet for pick-ups and payments either through e-mail or by phone. About a year and a half ago; I stopped meeting people and required that people come to my house to pick-up because of way too many no-shows and last minute cancels. It just was not worth it to me to spend my time sitting somewhere for an hour giving people the benefit of the doubt for a $1.00-$10.00 item or two. Then it became a problem that I live off base. Unfortunately for me a lot of people are not willing to travel the 10 extra minutes.

Anyway, since we are PCSing (probably in August) and I really need to condense my stuff; I decided to give OYS a try again. I spent a most of the days on Wednesday and Thursday sorting, taking pictures, and posting ads. I think I posted about 80 of them! I spent Thursday and Friday sitting around at home waiting for people come pick up items. (BTW a tip for you OYS addicts: Disney Movies & Pampered Chef Items sell quickly!) I made $275.00 in 2 days! This was a blessing because last weekend I spent a lot of money on Kimono Pictures of my girls. I wanted them to have the pictures as a memory from where they both were born.

Last night, I placed my wad of cash on my desk next to my computer. Apparently that was the wrong place for it!

Audrey counting the money?

“It’s MY money!”

Leaving a trail behind her!

Playing with the money!

God has truly blessed me with wonderful children and wonderful memories!

I can’t wait to look back in the years to come!

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