It Is Good That I Am Versatile

Well…I’m not usually. Most of the time I am very particular in an OCD type of way. My closet is organized by color and type of clothes. My Dvds are organized by alphabet and rating. My books are organized by author. I have indexes on my blog so that I can organize, alphabetize, and have easy access to my post links. I hate when plans change and I rarely am willing to do something spur of the moment. The list goes on.

But, this morning, I was versatile. I can prove it!

I am drinking my favorite orange-spice tea sweetened with yummy honey!

Why is this being versatile?

Because I generally wake up to a nice cup of coffee;

mixed, sweetened, and topped with the following:

Or if I have to leave the house in the mornings;

there is nothing like a Hot White Chocolate Mocha or Carmel Macchiato from:

I am a big coffee drinker but I also like a good cup of tea on occasion. This morning’s occasion being that I forgot to buy coffee filters while I was grocery shopping yesterday!

What do you drink to start your mornings?

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    • I did not get to the store yesterday so today I used a paper towel so that I could have my coffee 🙂

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