The Countdown Begins

We have finally received our orders! Which means our lives have jumped to turbo mode in order to fit everything that needs to be done in a month’s time. Last minute appointments, lunches & dinners with friends, organizing & purging belongings, pack suitcases, pay bills for the last time, clean entire house (I thank God that my cleaning ladies will do this!), and fly out! And that doesn’t even cover half of it! One of the benefits of military moves is that they send people to pack up and move all of our stuff. I can only imagine how hard it would be to do that ourselves on top of everything else.

So in a month we will say “good-bye” to our home of 4 years. We have made life long friends since coming here. Some have already moved away and some will be here awhile longer. Both of my girls were born here. The food is amazing. The scenery is absolutely beautiful! God has blessed us in more ways than we can count. Okinawa truly has become a home away from home. We will miss it.

Now, it is time to move on and say “HELLO, North Dakota!”

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2 replies

  1. Waving hello from North Dakota!

    I’m betting you’ll be stationed at Minot AFB…not much left at Grand Forks, unless it has to do with UAVs anymore. My kids were born at GFAFB, and I also lived at MAFB. Both bases were good places to live, and most of the housing has been replaced with brand new dwellings.

    Anyway, as a life-long resident of ND, I do hope you enjoy your stay here!

    Sparrow – Minot, ND

    • I’ve never been to ND. I’ve heard that it is great for families and that the housing is some of the best. I think the biggest challenge for me will be the climate shock. I hate cold weather! My daughter is looking forward to snow (which she has never actually seen except for in movies). She is going to be disappointed when we don’t arrive to a white ND lol!

      Thanks for stopping by!

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