Prayer Requests (2)

The Bible says: “Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” Matthew 18:19-20

If God moves when 2 or 3 agree in prayer, I can only imagine what he can do when 500 or more agree! There are between 500-1,000 people who visit my blog each month. A lot of them are regular visitors (daily or weekly).

I plan to post prayer requests and updates weekly on Sundays. This blog is public; I will not include personal information such as birthdays, last names, etc. If you have a prayer request, update, and/or praise report that you would like added to the weekly post, please e-mail me by Saturdays via facebook or at:

If you would like to include a picture of the person we are praying for, please include it in your e-mail. I will put a “Heart Treasures” stamp on the picture before posting it.

Feel free to forward a link to this page to people who will join us in prayer.



Sam: Praise the Lord!!! Sam is home from the hospital! Her final diagnosis is meningoencephalitis (infection that affects the nervous system causing inflammation of the brain & meninges). She is still not feeling well and still needs prayer for complete recovery.

Sam’s Previous Request: This 22 month old girl has been sick and in the hospital for almost 2 weeks. She has a feeding tube, several medications and antibiotics, and regular IV fluids. She is lethargic, running high temperatures, and not keeping much down. Her heart rate is very fast. She has had some seizure activity since being in the hospital. Several specialist have seen her and several tests have been done. The doctors have still not been able to figure out what is wrong. She may have meningoencephalitis (infection that affects the nervous system causing inflammation of the brain & meninges), along with something going on with both her kidneys… They are still trying to rule out neuroblastomas (cancer of the sympathetic nervous system), along with nephroblastomas (kidney tumors). The doctors are saying she may be at the hospital for another couple weeks. Please pray for Sam’s healing and the doctors wisdom so that they can correctly diagnose and treat her condition.



Greyson: This 4 year old boy was diagnosed with epilepsy this past spring and was sent to AI Dupont to determine the exact type of epilepsy he had. During a scheduled MRI, an Oncologist found a “mass” in the back left portion of his brain and that it would require surgery. A few days later, his parents met with the neurosurgeon and received better news. He was fairly confident that the tumor was benign, and therefore surgery could be put off for a while. The tumor will be monitored for any sign of change or growth. The tumor is in a place that it can be removed, however, to remove the entire tumor, he most likely will lose coordination and fine motor skills on his left side. This can be regained through physical therapy. For this reason, Greyson’s parents hope that they can wait until he is a bit older before having to do surgery. He is scheduled to return to AI on the 7th of January for another MRI. Those results will determine when surgery should be done. Please pray for Greyson’s healing and the doctors wisdom as they monitor and treat his condition.


Heather: is 17 weeks and 4 days pregnant with her third child. She asked her doctors to test her early for Gestational Diabetes because she had it with her first pregnancy. They determined that she does have it and has made adjustments to her diet and is checking her sugar at home. It is possible that this could effect the babies heart development, so the doctors are going to do further precaution things (such as more blood tests, fetal eco, etc). The fetal eco is on the November 17th, and her next regular appointment is the November 29th. Please pray for the baby’s development and that Heather’s blood sugar will be regulated quickly.


Shane: My husband has a few career decisions to make in the next few months. He also has Plantar Fasciitis (irritation and swelling of the thick tissue on the bottom of the foot) which could effect which direction he chooses. The choice he makes will effect where we live, how much we get paid, and how often he will be deployed. Please pray for wisdom and direction for our family.


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