Shane & I lived in Japan for 4 years (2006-2010) before the Air Force transfered us back to the US. Both of my girls were born there. Okinawa became our home away from home. Most of our friends are in Okinawa and have not been affected by the tsunami but we do have a few friends in mainland who are in the process of helping with the relief effort or are being evacuated. Reports are saying that all US Military are accounted for but thousands of people have died, are missing, or are now completely without anything. After experiencing a 7.0 earthquake in Okinawa last year not long after the Haiti earthquake, I know that we could have been in this situation at any time during our four year stay in Japan. My heart is breaking and I am brought to tears whenever I see pictures or video of the damage that occurred.

In February, after a tragic event that happened in our town (Minot, ND), a group of military spouses (who had never met in person) got together to support a cause we cared about by hosting an online auction. Because of that auction, we were able to donate $560.00 to the local Child Advocacy Center in memory of a baby boy who suffered long term child abuse and died on Valentine’s Day. Our group is called Minot AFB Artists & Crafters CARE. When I saw the Japan footage on the news, I immediately contacted the other admins of the CARE group to see if they would help me raise money to support the relief effort. They agreed and we will be hosting another online auction the beginning of April where all proceeds will go to the Red Cross towards the Japan Relief Effort!

During the first couple weeks of March, I hosted my Heart Treasures Boutique 1,000 Fan Giveaway on Facebook which we closed on the 17th. I posted the top 6 giveaway items that were fan favorites as a way of honoring the sponsors and the winners of those items. I decided to take that honor one step further for the number one fan favorite, Wickless Wonders, and contacted Lisa about hosting an Online Scentsy Party for my fans! Lisa and her family also happen to be stationed in Minot, ND but we have never met other than online! Lisa participated in our first CARE fundraiser so she has been getting our updates & information about our next auction for Japan. When I talked to Lisa, she told me some great news:


So, all of you Scentsy Lovers (and I know you are out there!) go to the following link & click on the “Red Cross Japan Relief” Party to place your order and support this great cause!!!


Feel free to share this with anyone who may be interested!

***Red Cross Japan Relief Party CLOSES on Friday-April 15th***

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