Quick Update

Please forgive my lack of posting for the past couple of weeks & my inconsistancy before that. I have had a lot going on lately and have fallen off schedule on several things.

Just so you know, in the next week or so, I will resume prayer request updates and book reviews both of which I am behind on. My family is taking a 5 week road trip vacation to see our families this summer. My posts will probably be inconsistent during June & July. After our vacation, I plan to continue my anger & marriage series.

If you think about it, please keep me and my family in prayer. We all have had trouble adjusting to being back in the states. Emotionally, financially, climate, work environments, etc. We are stuggling to see why God brought us here to North Dakota. We know that God sees the big picture and that there is a purpose but it would be nice to know what that is. Anyway, we would appriciate your prayers.

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  1. You always have my prayers; and my ear too. Whenever things are crazy for me I just think how the Lord must have a big blessing on the other side of it! It’s a growing time; but growing is good even when it’s hard. I cannot wait till you get here!!

  2. Hey Ally, it was good talking with you at Bible Study this morning. I understand ,oh too well, how you are feeling as I went through this very thing, this time last year.

    So, far this has been the most difficult place to transition to. However, I found myself with 3 decisions: 1. Take the kids, leaving my husband and going someplace else; 2. Being depressed; or 3. Resting in God’s peace and allowing Him to direct my footsteps. Of course, I chose option 3:))) I’ve learned during this process that His will may not be revealed as I am walking this particular journey but that after it is over then will I understand completely what being in Minot has been all about.

    Of course, no one likes to feel like they are walking in the dark feeling their way around but faith is the light that shines and guides us through. I would encourage you to continue seeking God’s face and resting in His peace. Slowly but surely your purpose will manifest.

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