Prayer Requests (13)

The Bible says: “Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” Matthew 18:19-20

If God moves when 2 or 3 agree in prayer, I can only imagine what he can do when 500 or more agree! There are between 500-1,000+ people who visit my blog each month. A lot of them are regular visitors (daily or weekly).

I plan to post prayer requests and updates weekly on Sundays or Mondays. This blog is public; I will not include personal information such as birthdays, last names, etc. If you have a prayer request, update, and/or praise report that you would like added to the weekly post, please e-mail me by Saturdays via facebook or at:

If you would like to include a picture of the person we are praying for, please include it in your e-mail. I will put a “Heart Treasures” stamp on the picture before posting it.

Feel free to forward a link to this page to people who will join us in prayer.



Travis: He will be going back in to surgery on today (Monday). The following is the e-mail that I received from Travis’ sister Jennifer: “We went to see several doctors last week and they all say that he is doing very well. The surgery will be to take out the hardware that was put in when the mandibular distraction was done. The ENT will look at his airway while he is under anesthesia to see if it will be a possibility for the trach to come out now that his lower jaw has been moved out some. It seems to be a waiting game. We really won’t know anything until after surgery.”

Previous Requests: Travis was born prematurely and was considered “A Failure to Thrive” with an enlarged liver, a small displaced stomach, and lung disease. He was also diagnosed with Pierre Robin Sequence, which is a birth condition involving a very small or set back lower jaw and cleft palate. The small lower jaw causes the tongue to be displaced back toward the throat, where it can fall back and obstruct the airway. As a result of this condition, Travis had a tracheotomy shortly after birth. The trach was removed at age 5, but the stoma remains open because of the small air way. He has undergone 5 mandibular distractions to lengthen his lower jaw and help open his airway. To this day he still tends to stop breathing when he sleeps and is in need of another mandibular distraction because of this. Pierre Robin and “bad teeth” seem to go hand in hand. Travis has very little enamel on his teeth. It has been a struggle for him to actually keep any of his teeth. No matter how hard we try he seems to continue to get infections and loose teeth. He is scheduled for dental surgery this month. The doctors have to make sure that he is infection free before he is able to go in for the mandibular distraction. The insurance will cover some of the cost for these surgeries, but the part that we will have to pay is pretty high. Travis was also born with a hearing loss. He has been in deaf/hard of hearing classrooms or has had an interpreter most of his school life. He has dreams of being able to hear and now that dream can become a reality! There is a surgery that can make hearing possible for Travis! It is called BAHA (or Bone Anchored Hearing Aid). Travis will never be able to hear without the help of a hearing aid / hearing system, but this will let him hear sound that he has never been able to hear before. The only problem is the insurance company will not cover any of this surgery and it is VERY expensive. Please pray that his family can raise the funds needed for his upcoming surgeries. Also pray that the doctors will have the wisdom they need while performing the surgeries and he will recover quickly from them.

Minot, ND: Our town flooded last week and many people were evacuated from the flood zones. Many people have lost their homes. Please keep the town in prayer as the flood waters receed and people find out what the damages are.

Makenzie (my niece): was born a few weeks ago. She was taken to the NICU due to Respiratory Distress. They could not find a reason for the distress so they just monitored her. During the diagnosic tests, they also found a small hole in her heart. The doctor is not concerned about her heart at this time and believe that it will eventually close on its own. If it doesn’t, surgery may be an option in the future. Now my sister Jenn and Makenzie are home and doing well!




Emry: Update taken from mom’s blog post (link below): “Latest stats: 3lbs 10.8oz, 14 & 1/4 inches long, Eats 4 PO feeds a day and the other 4 are tube feedings, She loves to have momma hold her after she eats, Still holds her temp great!, 1 brady in the past 60 hours. The Dr. said if she keeps it up then we can go home by the end of next week. Now, that is IF she keeps doing as great as she has been and I have no doubt in my mind she will. 🙂 He also said Emry’s weight was no longer an issue and that all we needed to get down was feeding. She is at 4 PO (bottle or breast) feeds a day right now but she has to take ALL 8 feeds before we can go home. That’s 30MILS (1 ounce) 8 times a day.”

Previous Requests: She was born pre-mature less than 2 weeks ago. She weighed 1 lb 3 ozs and was 11 and 3/4 inches small at birth!! She is still in the hospital getting around the clock medical care. She has frequent bradycardia episodes but has been coming out of them quickly on her own. She is on oxygen and is tube fed. Her mother has been able to hold her “kangaroo care.”  Please pray that this miracle continues to grow & thrive! Pray for the doctor’s wisdom in caring for her and pray for peace for he parents & family as they go through this trying time. You can stay updated on Emry’s progress by going to her family’s blog:

Cher: Is going back for treatment on June 20th. Expenses to finance the trip and lodging while there are a big concern. Pray that the long term treatment plan works and is effective.

Previous Requests: Was recently diagnosed with Myastenia Gravis (a chronic autoimmune neuromuscular disease characterized by varying degrees of weakness of the skeletal (voluntary) muscles of the body). Please pray for the doctor’s wisdom in creating a treatment plan. Also, pray that the housing they need would become available when they go for treatment. They have their name on a list for Nazarene Well House. On their already strained budget it would be a Godsend. Pray God will work out all the details!

Shannon: (Sam’s Mommy): Benjamin Nathaniel (Ben) was born in May. He weighed 7lbs10oz, and 20.5 inches long.  He was slightly jaundice but it is now under control!

Previous Requests: she is almost 30 weeks along in her pregnancy. She went to L & D and found out that her placenta is 30% abrupted. Please pray it does not get any worse and that the baby will stay in for as long as possible. She is now home and not having any complications right now. She has been advised to be on modified bed rest. She will be monitored weekly but if it gets worse she will have to get an emergency c-section. Please pray that she will have no further complications and that the doctors will have the wisdom to do what is best for both her and the baby.

Heather: E-mail update from Heather: “Elizabeth Grace  was born in April weighing 7 lbs 12.2 oz and 19.7 inches. The first couple of hours where a bit rough, but nothing major, them just checking her sugar which was a little low…but nothing mom’s milk couldn’t fix 😉   and trying to regulate her temp which was also too low. 2 days later we where home and adjusting to life. At a week old she had her heart checked and we where told her pulmonary stenisous was GONE!! but where also told they needed to re-check her heart b/c she may have a hole in it (with a better Dr and Machine) in a couple of weeks….so at a month old she was re-checked and we where told on the spot HER HEART IS PERFECT!!! and that we no longer needed to have her heart checked. We know that God watched over our baby girl the whole pregnancy and delivery and healed her heart. Now at 2 months old , she is a wonderful baby. She is slowly showing us her beautiful smiles and she loves to snuggle, we have surely been blessed. (and by the way…my sugar has been great also, it was gone back to normal and I’m back to eating a normal diet with no meds!” Praise God!

Previous Requests: After flying to Hawaii, for a specialist appointment, she has returned home to Okinawa, Japan and will be able to deliver there. She is now taking a pill in the morning, and a insulin shot before dinner and a insulin shot before bed. For the most part, sugars are regulated but are just a little too high so they are trying to figure out how much insulin is needed. Baby girl is getting bigger daily and more active! Also, the Fetal Eco determined that the baby has Pulmonary stenosis (narrowing in the artery in the heart). Please pray for both Heather and the baby as well as the rest of her family who will be affected by her traveling. Also, pray for the doctor’s wisdom in caring for them.


Japan: The fundraisers that I helped run raised a total of $600.00 that was donated to the Red Cross for Japan Relief efforts! Please continue to pray for the people of Japan who are still recovering from this devestation!

Previous Request: We lived in Okinawa, Japan from 2006-2010. Both our girls were born there and it became our home away from home. We are thankful that Okinawa was not harmed but Our hearts are breaking for the Japanese people that we have come to love. As we watch the devastating footage of Japan’s tragedy we still feel like we are watching home being destroyed. Please pray for the people of Japan who have lost loved ones and have to recover from this.


Sam: We are singing praises to God that Sam has stopped running a temperature every night, though she still gets one occasionally. The doctors are still uncertain of the cause of these fevers (as high as 105.1), though they will be doing a DMSA renal scan this Wednesday (the 2nd) to see if her kidneys are the culprit. When she was inpatient, her ultrasound, abdominal CT scan and her galium scan all pointed towards her kidneys, but her urine cultures and analysis all came back normal. Her stored iron level is still dangerously low and is actually decreasing rather than getting better, though she is receiving 400% of the daily recommended amount of iron each day. There is a question of whether she has celiac disease which could be contributing to her low iron level. The other main concern at this point is the regression in her gross motor skills. While walking, her legs (especially her left) give out, causing her to fall. She has fallen down our steps twice due to this issue. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors (she now sees six specialists along with the pediatrician), her therapists (she has occupational, physical and speech therapists, along with an early childhood interventionist), and  her parents to know what is best for her. Please pray for Sam’s complete healing!

Previous Requests: Has a new possible diagnosis is Primary CNS Vasculitis, or basically swelling of the blood vessels in her brain. Diagnosis procedures include CT San/MRI (doesn’t always show up), angiogram (catheter goes up starting in leg) or brain biopsy. Treatment consists of immuno-suppressants (form of chemotherapy). Sam’s MRI/MRA came back negative, so now they need to decide their next step… they may try a more natural diet and supplement type lifestyle. This 2 year old’s final diagnosis after being in the hospital for several days was meningoencephalitis (infection that affects the nervous system causing inflammation of the brain & meninges). She regressed about 6 months and has to relearn how to stand and walk. Had a lumbar puncture to check for white blood cells, to help determine if they need to look further into the vasculitis. She also had a bone marrow aspiration to check for leukemia since she is still extremely anemic & running fevers. Please pray for the doctor’s wisdom and for Sam’s complete healing!

Brad: (Sam’s Daddy): After being poked in the eye a few weeks ago, his eye is still healing and his vision may be permanently damaged in that eye. On top of that, he has lost feeling in his left leg and toes again (he has a bulging disk between L5 and S1 that he has been getting steroid shots for) and they are talking the possibility of surgery, though we first need to make sure his disc has not ruptured. Please pray for complete healing!

Greysen: has had some seizures that were not controlled by his medicine. So they have been working on medicine adjustments.

Previous Requests: This 4 year old boy was diagnosed with epilepsy this past spring and was sent to AI Dupont to determine the exact type of epilepsy he had. During a scheduled MRI, an Oncologist found a “mass” in the back left portion of his brain and that it would require surgery. A few days later, his parents met with the neurosurgeon and received better news. He was fairly confident that the tumor was benign, and therefore surgery could be put off for a while. The tumor will be monitored for any sign of change or growth. The tumor is in a place that it can be removed, however, to remove the entire tumor, he most likely will lose coordination and fine motor skills on his left side. This can be regained through physical therapy. For this reason, Greysen’s parents hope that they can wait until he is a bit older before having to do surgery. They returned to AI Dupont last Friday for another MRI scan so that the surgeons can re-evaluate the brain tumor. They saw no significant change in the tumor so the current plan is to wait and re-evaluate in 6 months. Please pray for Greysen’s healing and the doctors wisdom as they monitor and treat his condition.


Shane: My husband recently saw a new doctor about his Plantar Fasciitis. He now wears special shoes when he sleeps at night and has started physical therapy.

Previous Requests: My husband has a few career decisions to make in the next few months. He also has Plantar Fasciitis (irritation and swelling of the thick tissue on the bottom of the foot) which could effect which direction he chooses. The choice he makes will effect where we live, how much we get paid, and how often he will be deployed. Please pray for wisdom and direction for our family.

Alysa (ME): I have 2 home businesses, Heart Treasures Boutique & Juice Plus+, in order to bring in extra money for our family but I have not made many contacts for either one. It’s expensive to move back to the states! Please pray that God will bring the right people in my path so that we can earn the extra money that we need.

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