Blog Changes & Updates

Just an FYI to those who follow me…

You will be seeing some changes to the format of my blog in the upcoming weeks. I feel that since I blog on so many different things, I need to have a better way of organizing my posts (for my personal purposes). I’ll be sure to update you on changes as they are made.

Also, look forward to several Christian book reviews. I have several reviews lined up from books that I received from publishers in the past year. All the books are read; I just have to write the reviews now!

Pray for me as I am attempting to Homeschool Kendal for Kindergarten. Today was DAY 1! It seemed to go well. More on why I am trying to do this later…

Shane is still away cross-training. He has been away since the beginning of February (except for a few days over Easter weekend). He will be away for most of this year. We plan to visit him in August so that he and I can celebrate our 10 year Anniversary together. Look what he sent to us today!

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