Quick Update!

I have been silent for awhile, not because I have not wanted to write more frequently but because I have been keeping busy as usual!

Here are some quick updates that I hope to elaborate on soon…

Our new exchange student from Germany arrived in August and has blended into our family very well!

Both of my girls are now in elementary school which has freed up my schedule enough to have a job. I am a new consultant for Norwex and I house cleaning other people’s houses (using all Norwex-chemical free cleaning)!

I am on the leadership team for our local Community Bible Study. I am the media director and run all of the sound & media equipment as well as create all of the slide presentations for the lectures.

I am the PAC (parent advisory counsel) President for my girls elementary school. Which means I am at the school often volunteering.

I am in choir at church and will soon be joining the newly formed worship team!

I help when I can at our local Pregnancy Resource Center. We just had a fundraising banquet last month that and I was in charge of all the decorating.

Between my 3 girls, they do Awana, soccer, dance, cross country, and other church and school activities.

Keeping busy apparently is my motto! In my free time, I still love to read, watch movies, and write!

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