National Sanctity of Human Life Sunday

Ronald Reagan began this tradition in 1984. The day where we celebrate the value of human life and bring awareness to the controversial issues of abortion, contraception, euthanasia, “right to die” movements, etc. The pro-life movement is greatly misunderstood. There are those who do not want to understand it and there are those who take pleasure in twisting the truth of what we believe. In March, I blogged about

Why I Am Pro-Life…

And I thought that it would be appropriate to mention it again today. Click above to read my post.

42 Million pre-born children die every year, throughout the world, due to abortion. This is a critical issue to be informed about. With all of the misinformation and political agenda surrounding the abortion industry, one should search out the truth for themselves.

You can see a list of my other abortion related posts by clicking on my Abortion Index.

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