Experimenting With Cookie Decorating!

My oldest daughter (almost 9 years old) and I went to a cookie decorating class in December! We had so much fun learning how to decorate cookies with royal icing! Before now, I have always used a powder sugar glaze on my sugar cookies. Now, I am loving the look of the royal icing.

Here are the cookies I decorated at the class:


Here are several other photos of Christmas cookies I decorated since the class:12345561_10208275397351707_9197156553318296614_n


12360121_10208275398991748_5478610478971287595_n 11139976_10208275397951722_6559050183034417461_n 994719_10208358763635812_1751317471657161883_n 561462_10208358765115849_8466591021328132021_n 675_10208358764515834_208706998858981400_n

And these are character cookies that I was just experimenting with. Chewbacca is my favorite! My husband wanted me to try and duplicate his patch and that obviously needs a lot of practice.



It has been fun! I will post more photos whenever I experiment again. There are a ton of Pinterest ideas that I want to try!

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