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First, I want to apologize to all of my wordpress & email subscribers for me not posting since February. I also apologize as well to those who have been awaiting mail from my Cards of Encouragement endeavor that I started this year. I will be resume posting this month (I have several book reviews to post!) and I will resume sending out Cards of Encouragement to those who have signed up starting in July!

Second, the reason behind my blogging absence is that in February I discovered that I was pregnant and have had a lot of complications and sickness because of the pregnancy. If you have followed my blog for awhile you may already be aware of my miscarriage history. The concern quickly became apparent with this pregnancy due to the spotting and cramping that I have had pretty much the whole time so far. Also the “morning sickness” which for me lasted all day was extreme during the months of March & April. Between the complications, sickness, dehydration, hospital visits, etc. I was pretty much in bed most of those months. In May, the sickness started to subside and I was able to start functioning much better. This month, I have been doing great most of the time! I have still had occasional cramping but no spotting or vomiting. Which, trust me, is an answer to prayer!

Because of my history of miscarriage and hemorrhaging due to retained placenta after my second daughter was born, my doctors have been monitoring me closely by doing ultrasounds every 4 weeks. We have also started discussing a birthing plan that will hopefully help prevent complications if I should have retained placenta again. As well as a plan for quick surgery action, if I do have complications. Prayer for these decisions and that I do not have complications will be greatly appreciated!


So without further delay, I am happy to announce that we are expecting a baby BOY to arrive sometime in October! We have two girls ages 9 and 7 so we are basically starting from scratch with planning for a newborn! This ultrasound photo was taken at 14 weeks! I am currently in my 22nd week. Please pray for my health and the baby’s health throughout the pregnancy. Also, like I mentioned above, pray for no complications during the delivery and our decisions we make for our birthing plan.

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  1. I’m so excited for you. A boy! Know that I have added you to my prayer list and will be praying daily.

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