My 2017 Goals!

Instead of New Year’s Resolutions, which most often are broken, last year I decided to make a list of Goals. Goals may change throughout the year or they may carry over to the next year. Still, they can be a reminder of the direction I would like to see my life go in the next twelve months. Due to unforeseen circumstances (surprise pregnancy and related health issues), most of my 2016 goals went to the back burner of my life. This year I have  again made 10 personal goals for my life. They are not listed in any particular order and I have made most of them vague. Not being completely strict in my goal setting will allow for some flexibility and will allow for some grace should things not go exactly as planned.

  1. Journal daily

  2. Read my Bible more frequently.

  3. Spend more quality time with my husband and children.

  4. Increase my Norwex business.

  5. Organize and purge my house.

  6. Keep up with book reviews for publishers.

  7. Budget monthly.

  8. Finish craft projects.

  9. Try something new.

  10. Keep a prayer journal.


What are your top goals this year? Post them in the comments!

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