How To Turn Outdated Catalogs Into Gift Bags

Have you ever wondered what to do with the stack of outdated business catalogs that you have accumulated? You do not want to throw them away because they cost you money, most of the information is still valid, and you are sure you can use them somehow. Then, you end up ordering the updated catalogs and never give your old ones a second glance… until you decide to bite the bullet and trash them.

Over the years of having a direct sales business as a Norwex Independent Sales Consultant, I have heard of several good ideas on what to do with the outdated catalogs. For example, you can put a sticker on the front with contact information and stating that new catalogs are available. Then, you can give them out to customers or put them on magazine tables in waiting rooms (with permission). However, the best idea I have heard of so far is making them into gift bags. This saves you money by not having to buy bags and by allowing you to use the catalogs instead of trashing them. The bags advertise your business. The bags are perfect for carrying product you are giving away (door prizes, host gifts, etc.). You could even use them as a replacement for your host envelopes.

There are various videos on YouTube showing how to make gift bags using wrapping paper. I made my catalog gift bag after watching several of those videos and experimenting. Here are some instructions and photos of how I make them.

  • Take your catalog apart by removing the staples holding it together. Keep the pages intact so it is two connected pages.


  • Fold half of the page to just over the center fold.


  • Then, fold the other half to just over the center. Tape together. 16143045_10211943410249737_2356405967451893669_n

To create the base:

  • Fold up the bottom. Then, fold in the corners. (Like you would do if wrapping a gift with wrapping paper).


  • Fold the sides of the base together. Overlap slightly.


  • Tape the base where all folds meet. This is essential to make sure the base is secure.


  • Open up the bag and smooth out any creases the best that you can.


To create the handles:

  • Cut the two connected pages in half you you have two separate pages.


  • Then fold the page in half and cut so you have two halves.


  • Roll each of the halves into strips about 1 inch wide (or whatever your preference). Make sure you have good creases as you roll so that your handle are flat not round.


  • Secure rolled strips with tape.


  • Attach strips to the inside of the bag on both sides. You can use tape but I prefer staples.


Filling the bag:

  • Choose what you want to put into the bag! Do not forget your product information, host pamphlet, and/or whatever is applicable for the occasion!


  • Fill the bag! If you want a closed bag, skip making the handles and just fold down the bag and tape shut. 16002990_10211943406289638_7875223174700228436_n

The size of the bag is going to depend on the size of your catalog. If it is too small, you can tape pages together at the beginning to create the size that you need. Also, these bags are not going to hold a lot of weight so keep that in mind when filling them.

How do you use your outdated business catalogs? Comment below! I would love to hear your ideas!

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