God Cares About The Small Stuff!

This morning I was doing dishes when I noticed that my youngest daughter Audrey was playing with my car keys. I didn’t really think anything of it. I just continued on with my morning routine. After the dishes; I checked my e-mail, got both girls and myself dressed and ready for the day, made Kendal’s lunch, packed the book bag, Bible study bag, and diaper bag, took the dog out, etc. When it was finally time to leave to take Kendal to school; I had Audrey and all of the bags listed above (as well as my purse) in my arms. I realized that I did not have my keys. Without really thinking about it I went back to the kitchen and looked around where I saw Audrey playing with them. I opened a cabinet and found them laying behind a bag of sugar. Then I proceeded to get the girls and all the bags in the car. As I was driving; I realized how smoothly the morning went and just how much God cares about me.

With my husband out of the country; I am left doing all of the household and children responsibilities by myself. When my husband is home he usually is able to help but we usually still end up rushing out the door and running late. When I can’t find my keys at the last minute that usually sets me off into a rushing panic (especially if I am supposed to be somewhere by a certain time). I realized in the car that in all of the times I haven’t been able to find my keys…I have never looked in a kitchen cabinet while looking for them. Yet, today I did because of a brief moment of seeing Audrey playing with them. I can clearly imagine the panic I would have been in if I was not able to find them this morning. Today, I was already running a little bit late. If I had not been able to find my keys, I would have had no way of getting Kendal to school and myself to the Bible study that I facilitate.

Some people may brush this experience off as “no big deal” but I am truly blessed to love and serve a God who cares about me. It is because of moments like these that I can trust God when I start to worry or get anxious about things that are going wrong or not according to plan. We are told in the Bible to:

“Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7

Isn’t that encouraging???

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