My Roundup*

I know…I have been slacking on the blog posts in the past month. To make it up to you; here is a “Roundup” of some special events over the last week or so.


We went to Monakid’s Jungle–a large indoor play area. Kendal & Audrey loved it! They wouldn’t hold still long enough for us to get a good picture of them.


Now that Kendal is out of school; we try to make her do workbooks in order to prep her for homeschooling next year. And of course Audrey wants to join in the fun!


We have spent lots of time at the pool (and sprinkler)!


We spent 4th of July evening at a friend’s house where the girls played on the nearby playground.

Then we watched fireworks! (My camera batery died before the grand finale)


“Roundup” is what Neil over at Eternity Matters calls his posts which include several topics & links. I thought it was a fitting title for my post today 🙂

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