All Creatures Great And Small

Anyone who knows me well could tell you that I hate creepy things like: spiders, snakes, bugs, etc.

You would think that my husband would know this after almost 8 years of marriage!

A few days ago, Shane took the girls on a walk. While they were gone, I was curled up on the couch with a good novel. As they walked in the door, Keenan (our dog) rushed to meet them and I heard Shane say to Kendal “Don’t show it to Keenan; he will eat it. Go show it to Mama.” That should have been my first clue! Unfortunately, I didn’t think anything of it and went back to reading my book. Then, Kendal rushes into the room and puts something about an inch from my face saying, “Look Mama!”

Lets take a closer look:

Needless to say, I screamed, panicked, and nearly jumped out of my skin! Shane ran into the room and said that it was just a Cicada shell. It took a minute to realize that the thing was not moving. Shane took the shell and threw it in the trash. Kendal stood in front of me looking scared. I scared her when I screamed! She had no idea what she did wrong. I gave her a big hug and told her that I was sorry for scaring her.

A few minutes later, Kendal started asking where her “bee” was. She said, “The bee is my friend. She is happy and she loves me!” She went into the kitchen where Shane was and said, “Where is my bee?” When Shane told her that it was in the trash, Kendal looked like she was going to cry when she said, “But she loves me!” It was enough to break our hearts!

Then I had the idea of turning this into a blog; so I sent them outside to take a picture. Kendal got to see her “bee” again but this time it stayed outside.

July is the main month that the Cicadas are around Okinawa. We wake up daily to the sound of their “music” and believe me when I say that they are noisy. Unfortunately, I now have a visual image of what is making the noise and that is enough to keep me away from the trees!

Somehow, I need to keep in mind the following:

“How many are your works, O LORD!

In wisdom you made them all; the earth is full of your creatures.”

Psalm 104:24


I’m not the only one with aversions to creepy crawlies:

Neil–Fallen Ants

Timothy–Creepy Crawlies

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  1. Yipes! I’m pretty sure I would have had your same reaction! It’s hard to remember that even the creatures we think are gross were made by God. But at the same time, His attention to detail is kind of amazing, because even the gross things are an integral part of the ecosystem. God works all things together for good, right? 😉

    • His creations and details in his designs are definitely amazing! (Even the ones we hate).

      Thanks for stopping by!

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