First Snow!

Since both of my girls were born on the sub-tropic Okinawa, Japan, they had never seen snow–until this week. They did know what snow was based on their Christmas movies and Kendal was excited to come to North Dakota (AKA: The North Pole) in order to see it. Living in Okinawa for four years was worth not having winters! I was raised in Delaware and I am pretty sure the earliest snow I ever experienced was around Thanksgiving–but even that was rare. North Dakota apparently skips autumn–or at least decides that one month of it is enough. Although I appreciate the beauty of snow and God’s creation of the seasons cycle, I hate being cold. On a cold day, I am perfectly content to stay inside, curled up in a blanket with a good book and a cup of coffee (or hot chocolate). I wish I had a fireplace! Still, I am willing to drag myself outside in order to see the smiles on the girls faces.

The girls watching the snow fall. This reminds me of “The Cat In The Hat”

After a day and night of snowing.

Kendal is super-excited! Audrey is mad that the scarf is covering her face!

Kendal has a blast playing & diving in the drifts!

Audrey doesn’t know what to do!

Keenan doesn’t mind it!

I am glad that Shane likes to play with the girls in the snow so I don’t have to!

Did I mention that I miss Okinawa?!

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