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    • Unfortunately, people without it don’t understand! My husband makes fun of the fact that I organize my closet by type of clothing and in rainbow color order (told you I like rainbows lol). When we moved here he organized his by type (which he never does) just to see how long it took me to notice–of course I noticed the same day!

  1. Too funny!

    BTW, I’ve been informed by my good friend who is borderline OCD, since he has a bad habit of folding his dirty laundry, that OCD also stands for Obsessive Confusion Disorder. I think I fit the category. 🙂

    • Ha ha! I’m not that bad 😉 (Maybe with my dishes I am…I have to sort & stack them like with like and wash them in a certain order so that they all sit in the drying rack a certain way. Thank God that he provided a dishwasher in our new house. That saves a lot of time on the dishwashing!)

      • If I may butt in here?
        I arrange my dishes – stacked dirty, or in the dishwasher, or in the drainer, or in the cupboard, or on the table – with the patterns all corresponding in the right way.

        My son goes one step further. He has plain white dishes – but the trade logo on the undersides are all stacked in the way.

        • I arrange them everywhere too! The bottom logo is not important to me though. Just the stuff you can see 🙂

          Thanks for stopping by!

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