We all get wounds. Some are given to us by others and some are self inflicted. Physical, emotional, mental, spiritual…wounds that cause major damage to who we are. The anger and bitterness that we have harbored in our soul festers our wounds and causes them to get worse than when they originally were inflicted. As our infected wounds spread to our heart and mind, we become toxic. Our toxicity is easily spread to others around us and negatively affects all of our relationships.

As we are able to forgive others and ourself, our wounds can eventually turn into scars. Our scars remind us of the pain that we experienced but allow us to rehabilitate into the healing process. As we release the anger and bitterness in our soul, the toxicity that our wounds once spewed is replaced by peace. Our relationships can be mended and our faith is restored. Look at your scars and reflect on how far you have come in your healing. But, never forget the toxic warning that our scars proclaim so that we do not go back to where we once were.

Scars (Art used with permission from the artist)

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