Serenity of the Soul

We go through hardships that bring us to our knees. In these moments, we experience shattering pain, drowning sorrow, and the inability to function. The loneliness that we feel is like being pulled into a black hole without the energy to escape. The tears we cry could fill an ocean. There is no hope for tomorrow as our world as we know it crumbles to dust around us.

If we hold on…just a little bit longer…we will hear a song that is like salve to our wounds or someone will encourage our heart. And just for a moment we get a glimpse of the light on the horizon. We cling to the peace beyond all understanding as the dust around us is still swirling. We move towards that hope with everything we have…as difficult as it may be…and moment-by-moment our darkness fades into shadows of what once was as the light starts to pour into our soul.

Serenity of the Soul (Art used with permission from the artist)

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