Birthday Blessings

Growing up with a June Birthday has had its good points. As a child; I hated that other kids could have their parents bring cupcakes to the classroom and get to have a party during the school year (I think I did have one or two teachers who celebrated my birthday at the end of the school year). But overall, it was nice not to be in school on my birthday most of the time (on occasion my birthday did fall into the extended school year because of snow days).

I never had huge birthday parties. Not because my parents didn’t want me to; but they generally couldn’t afford it. Generally, just my family and a few close friends attended my parties. I remember having sleep overs, pool parties, and joint parties with friends who also had June birthdays. Sometimes people put together surprise parties but I generally figured it out before the actual party. I remember some of the gifts that I received from friends and family; books, flowers, clothes, toys, cards, etc. The thing I remember most is that I always had people who cared about me.

As an adult; birthdays don’t scare me like they do for some people. I am not afraid of getting older and I don’t dread getting closer to certain numbers. Instead, I feel blessed that God has allowed me to live life. My prayer is that I will continue to grow in wisdom as I face life’s ups and downs. I want to continually better my life so that I can be a good example for my children.

Speaking of children; Kendal is at the age where she understands what birthdays are. After celebrating her birthday this year; she asks frequently if it is her birthday again. Or she tells her daddy and I plans for our birthdays. Several weeks ago; I showed her on the calendar that my birthday was coming soon. Every few days we counted how many days are left until my birthday.

When my birthday came; it got off to a bad start. I had to wake up at the crack of dawn (I am NOT a morning person) and rush out the door to drop of my girls at a friend’s house. Then I had to patiently sit in the dentist office waiting until someone was able to see me (to follow up on a problem related to a dental procedure several days before). After over an hour at the dentist; I went to pick up the girls. After talking for awhile with my friends; I drove around base to do errands. They argued, cried, and threw tantrums during most of my errands and I had a migraine by mid morning. Shane was home from work by the time we got home. He and the girls presented me with gifts then he went to bed for the day since he had to go into work in the evening. I helped Kendal make a cake (Shane would have done it with her if he didn’t have to sleep). The girls continued their arguing, crying, and tantrums throughout the day and pretty much made my day miserable. When Shane woke up; we lit candles, sang happy birthday and had cake and ice cream. Then he left for work and I got the girls bathed the girls. When I put Kendal in bed;

She gave me a big hug, held my neck, and sang happy birthday to me.

This made up for everything bad that happened during the day.


Kendal insisted that I have a blue cake (since blue is my favorite color).

Shane got pink and purple flowers because those are the girls favorite colors.

They got me a pale pink crystal necklace. I love it!

“I will sing to the LORD all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live.”

Psalm 104:33

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