Fortify Your Facebook Privacy Settings

I am on Facebook daily and I have almost 700 Facebook friends. About half of them are people that I know personally and the other half are gaming friends. As a military wife and a mother; I try to be very aware of who sees different things on my profile. I block people I don’t know from seeing information, statuses, and pictures when I don’t think they need to see them. Lately; I have had a few people question me about Facebook’s security. Although I am aware of my privacy settings; most people are probably not.

Neil over at Eternity Matters posted important instructions for setting your security on Facebook. If you are on Facebook; I highly recommend you reading it!

As a CPA I get a subscription to the Journal of Accountancy (Motto: As boring as it sounds!).  This month they actually had a useful article titled Fortify Your Facebook Privacy Settings.  Facebook makes it difficult, but with a few steps you can significantly improve your security. I’m surprised more people haven’t had security issues with FB.  If you aren’t careful, strangers can see your profile and know when you are out-of-town or even just o … Read More

via Eternity Matters

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